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BTS Consultancy

Size 18,500 sqft
Year 2016
Collaboration Woodalls
A CAT-B project in Hammersmith, London for a super cool client, who is driven by their staff well-being and humancentric design approach.
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Creating a fun and vibrant work space for their staff inspired by their gaming strategies and 'map' concept to guide a journey through the transforming spaces.

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Final Approach

Inspired by the gaming platform, the journey begins in a raw industrial setting whilst slowly transitioning to a sleek and clean environment inspired by the city landscape of Canary Wharf.

The gorgeous transition flooring detail breaks up the thoroughfare with deep resemblance to the Regents Canal connecting the sophisticated meeting rooms to a quirky, lit up Teapoint designed to draw everyone into one place.

The lighting scheme inspired by constellations in the sky that is set on a midnight blue backdrop in the Teapoint.

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