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Buckingham Green

Size 16,700 sqft
Year 2021
Collaboration AIS Interiors
With the future of workplace in mind, this flexible design is filled with multi-functional spaces and modular furniture to give second purpose to all aspects, which offers choices and the freedom to configure as you wish.

Boasting various multifunctional elements including the bi-fold partitions that completely opens the front of house area.

With thoughtful touches that activates the space with multiple functions to give added purpose to each area.
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Brand Roadways

The key in this project was to create a space that inspires people to return to work with light homely touches through the finishes.

Sympathetic towards the migration from work-from-home to work-at-work culture, the design gentle introduces different zones and neighbours to make this transition more palatable.
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With our deep rotted connection to nature and perhaps more than ever before those connections have deepened during the pandemic; the design pays tribute to greenery and incorporates biophilia and natural materials throughout.

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