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Euler Hermes

Size 17,540 sqft
Year 2018
Collaboration Woodalls Interiors
Bringing colour to the financial district. Our client wanted to create a fun and vibrant quarter within their existing office space which creates a juxtaposed outlook to the two sides of the business. They work hard, and they play hard.
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Fun, vibrant and a place to draw the team towards.

Casting aside our prejudice to financial clients, this is a great example of a team of hard workers who want to have fun within their space.

By bringing colour and activity to draw everyone to a central focal point to socialise and have fun.
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Creating informal pockets of spaces within the Breakout area to offer different types of working scenarios.

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Final Approach

Using modular pieces of furniture to allow clients to reconfigure their space to work for them - whether that is a town hall layout, team bonding exercises or private booths for focus work.
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