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Mint Velvet

Size 35,400sqft
Year 2017
Collaboration AIS Interiors
Creating a blank canvas for our fashion orientated clients, whereby the garments and fashion design piece is the highlight of this space.

This multi-story project boasts it's minimalistic touches by offering our client a blank canvas to use as a backdrop to their wonderful garments.

Not all interior schemes take centre stage of the project. Design takes on a sympathetic approach that is tailored to all of our clients needs and requirements and this monochromatic design features elegant details and practical solutions that ties everything together.
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Brand Roadways

Clean and minimal with a touch of elegance.

Keeping furniture to a minimal and allowing space for displays, run ways and storage for fashion garments was the key to the brief.
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With our deep rotted connection to nature and perhaps more than ever before those connections have deepened during the pandemic; the design pays tribute to greenery and incorporates biophilia and natural materials throughout.

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