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Size 16,700 sqft
Year 2015
Collaboration CSK Projects
The original concrete ceilings and exposed brickwork echoed a language that informed the rest of the design, and here is an example of how interior and architecture worked together in unison to offer a space of true partnership.

Each room is a showcase of some sort; a display of the latest technology and therefore each have their own independent characteristics which somehow ties together as a whole.

The vibrant colours pops against the rawness of the brickwork with fun details and accessories to lighten up the space.
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Brand Roadways

To incorporate branding, company ethos and bringing in a 'game' element within the office design to tie in the aesthetics and what they do together.
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Complimenting the rawness of the base build finish with rustic finishes with commercial qualities.

Working closely with a close supply chain to offer the most up to date finishes in the market to date to challenge acoustic and functional concerns that is typical in a rustic base build setting.

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