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Size 50,000 sq ft
Year 2019
Collaboration Skape London
A milestone project; 50,000sqft over 3 floors at their new London HQ - Brunel Building, teaming up with Skape London Ltd for Splunk London over 2 phases. I teamed up with a power-house team to bring life into their space from initial consultation, all the way to spacial planning, technical design down to FF&E and construction.
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The goal was to build a home for their London HQ team by combining intelligent design with tasteful details that breathes life into a space that'll last for many years to come.

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The key driver for this project is to personify their core business module with a tangible concept that can be touched and felt throughout the space.

The design team worked very closely with the clients to understand the core values of their business and through intensively exploring design concepts to materialising those ideas into tangible themes.
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The thread of this project was to inspire a connection between all 3 floors and provide a space that pulls the team together.

The grand staircase offers a gravitational pull that draws staff and clients alike to one space, inspired by the philosophy of play and parkland.

The mesh panels allows transparencies into the 'secret garden' that is welcome to all.
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The extensive team of experts that came together to bring life to this space:

  • Skape London Ltd

    Project management, costing, design

  • Facilitate Corporation

    Project management - client side

  • Hunts Furniture

    Worked side by side with design to source the most appropriate furniture selection, procurement and installation

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