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The Fun House

Size 4,670 sq ft
Year 2021
Collaboration nuurai
Our goal is simple. We want to create interior spaces that people want to be in whilst being intelligent with cost, gentle with construction and innovative with design.
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Maximising useable floor space by opening up the dining and kitchen area with an open-flow connecting this entire space with a rear glass roof extension.

Our goal was to enhance the natural day light within this whole space and eliminate the dark dining space by opening it up.

We wanted a bright place for our clients to enjoy and work in whilst providing them with a number of working scenarios; a dining area that doubles up as a working place as well as a study that is separate from this open plan area.
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The Extension

Final Approach

Our in-house architects work alongside our interior team - hand in hand to come up with a solution that works structurally as well as internally.

With our project managers keeping a close eye on the cost, to advise our clients in tandem alongside the design process.
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Our programme allowed us to work flexibly alongside our client who is staying in-situ during the refurb, phasing the project in 2 sections.

Breaking the cost between build and separately for furniture whilst keeping time frames and programme working together to meet deadlines.

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