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The Xiao House

Size 400 sqft
Year 2020
Collaboration nuurai
A unique micro-living project for our Brighton based 400 sqft apartment property which was originally subdivided by walls which made the apartment feel small and difficult to use.
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A small space with big ideas and plenty of hidden storage that is invisible - with intricate joinery details.

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With small spaces comes big responsibilities. Our design team worked tirelessly to create invisible storage whilst choosing finishes that enlarges the space aesthetically.

There is certainly more than meets the eye, with a spacious kitchen and dining space that links the living together.
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Small Space! Big Ideas!

Designing a small space with a full height pull out wardrobe that is concealed amongst the other storage units.

Secondary guest bed that reveals itself in the living space.

Shoe storage integrated within the staircase.

Alcoves within the stairs that doubles up as kitchen storage.
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