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Agent Commercial

Wood Street

Size 6,670 sqft
Year 2021
Collaboration AIS Interiors
A fun and vibrant interior scheme that turns a modern CAT A floor plate into a enjoyable space to work, learn and socialise.

Virtual design that brings life to an unoccupied space.

Offering 3D visualisation is a key driver to helping the end user envision their day to day life in the office space that they spend most of their time and it is an important tool to aid our imaginations to breathe life into an empty space.
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Working with agents is part of a designers day to day responsibility to help their clients understand the potentials that an empty space could offer.

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Final Approach

Keeping the design modest whilst still complimenting the building makeup as well as the modern characters of the main build.

This colour scheme is particularly interesting when looked at in unison with the existing lobby space that oozes character and a young vibe.
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“As an architect you design for the present with the awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown”
Norman Foster

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